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Professional Development Programs
“My fifth grade teachers went to a workshop on the Common Core this summer and reported that it was just like what they learned with Project SEED.” - Denise Pinney, Principal, West Contra Costa Unified School District

Teacher Observing SEED Lesson“The success of the children in Project SEED is important, but what may be even more important is that there is an articulated routine for preparing teachers to become successful, and that with this preparation they do become successful.”

Asa G. Hilliard III, Professor of Urban Education, Georgia State University

Project SEED professional development programs are based on best practices in education including modeling and coaching, and incorporate the recommendations of the National Staff Development Council that “the most effective training programs include exploration of theory, demonstrations of practice, supervised trials of new skills with feedback on performance, and coaching within the workplace.” In Student Achievement Through Staff Development, Joyce and Showers reported that coaching in the classroom after workshops was 80-90% effective at enabling teachers to use and apply new methods in the classroom. Workshops, alone, were only 5-10% effective.

Project SEED professional development includes a combination of staff development workshops, one-on-one intensive training for selected teachers, and small group seminars throughout the school year.

The workshop setting allows large groups of teachers to focus on Project SEED’s teaching techniques and strategies for introducing mathematics. These workshops cover topics including interactive teaching, effective mathematics instruction, and advanced topics in mathematics.

Intensive training consists of daily modeling of Project SEED methodology and advanced mathematics in the classroom. In addition, the classroom teacher teaches discovery lessons with the Project SEED math specialist providing assistance in lesson planning, observation, and feedback. The Project SEED mathematics specialist remains available to the teacher as a consultant on curriculum and methodology.

Other teachers in the school are welcome to observe the model lessons and participate with the Project SEED specialists in small group seminars on curriculum and methodology.

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