About Us

Our Mathematics Specialists
Our mathematicians are very experienced and rigorously trained. What really sets them apart is their joy for teaching that translates into a joy for learning in their students.

The success of Project SEED programs revolves around the exceptional caliber of our mathematics specialists. With a passion for mathematics, our instructors know their material in depth, easily transitioning between advanced mathematical concepts from all levels of instruction. Their subject mastery and joy in teaching results in easier understanding and remarkable joy in learning for young students.

Student and teacher at whiteboardProject SEED’s mathematics specialists have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or completed equivalent mathematics coursework in other majors such as physics, computer science, and engineering. Many of our specialists hold advanced degrees in these fields. Prior to entering the classroom, each specialist completes a rigorous training program in Project SEED’s interactive Socratic methodology.

Peer observation and ongoing workshops assure that Project SEED instruction remains responsive to the needs of individuals, teachers, and school districts. With these tools, Project SEED provides school districts with a team of experts for building academic excellence out of advanced mathematics instruction at all levels.